This past week I was cruising the internet for hints and leaks about upcoming movies and shows (as I do) and came across two different theories as to what the Kree “Weapon” being held in Gonzalez’s cargo hold actually is. I really like both of these theories, but am partial to one, so I will explain both for your consideration.

Is it a weapon? or is it something else entirely?

First Theory: The Tablet of Death and Entropy

This theory about the true identity of the Kree “weapon” comes from this Reddit thread by user blpesc.

The Tablet of Death and Entropy is a Lemurian artifact, not Kree. In Marvel lore, Lumeria was taken over by the Deviants. So far in the MCU, we have the following references:

  • Batroc took over the SHIELD ship Lemurian Star in The Winter Soldier;
  • Thanos is an Eternal with a Deviant gene mutation - He is a mix between the two;
  • Celestials exist in the MCU - Deviants were created by Celestials on Earth (pre-human DNA), Eson the Searcher appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy stomping out a planet with the Power Gem, and Knowhere is the severed head of a Celestial; and
  • Kree were able to create the Inhumans by exploiting the changes Celestials made to early Human DNA.


So far, Lemuria is established as at least legend in the MCU, so it’s actual existence is a possibility. But what other connections does the Tablet of Death and Entropy have in the MCU?

The Tablet of Death and Entropy is a sister stone to the Tablet of Life of Time, which made an appearance in Odin’s vault in Thor. This is a deeper connection than most realize, because the Tablet of Life and Time has inscriptions that mention the “Gods of the Gods,” which, according to the Marvel Wiki, are omnipotent and omniscient beings that draw their life energy released by Rangnarok. The next Thor movie is Thor: Ragnarok.

The seeds are all there. The Tablet of Death and Entropy has a solid footing in the MCU. But what does it do?


in the comics, Mister Negative used a formula taken from the Tablet to create “Devil’s Breath,” a poison that targeted specific DNA. Maybe in Agents of SHIELD, the Tablet will be used to create a formula that specifically targets Inhuman DNA, and shuts it down. That could be why Jaiying and Gordon were so afraid of it - The tablet could target their Inhuman DNA.

We also know (SPOILERS YO) that Simmons was absorbed/engulfed/somethinged into the Tablet. Maybe when she comes out, she’ll possess the power to directly target specific DNA, and become the ultimate Inhuman hunter. This season we saw Simmons take a dark turn towards exterminating all powered people as threats. Now that she has come to understand Skye and Lincoln, maybe she will now have the power to do something about it, while also possessing the understanding that it shouldn’t be used against ALL Inhumans.

My only gripe with this theory is that in the comics, the Tablet of Death and Entropy primarily involved Spiderman, a character owned by Sony. Now, given the new partnership between Marvel and Sony, it is possible that some Spider-verse influence may spill over to Agents of SHIELD, it feels like the Tablet might still be firmly in Sony’s grasp. However, it is related to an object that was shown in Odin’s Vault. Maybe this is another Quicksilver situation.


Second Theory: Eldrac the Door

This is my favorite theory of the two. Again, this was originally a Reddit post by user Th3JourneyMan.


Eldrac is an ancient Inhuman who, when exposed to the Terrigen Mists, became a giant door. But not just any door: Eldrac has the power to transport people anywhere, and is known to transport people where they are needed most, not where they want to go. Eldrac can choose whether to teleport someone or not.

Eldrac was a fixture of Attilan, and Black Bolt used him to evacuate Attilan before detonating the Terrigen Bomb. This theory is interesting because it connects the Inhumans to the Royal Family, without specifically mentioning any of the Royals.

The post that discusses this theory suggests that Inhumans might believe that it is a Kree weapon, because Eldrac is so old, they don’t know the difference. However, Jaiying and Gordon might know that it was Eldrac (notice, they did not want to destroy it, they wanted to possess it - this is in line with their pro-Inhuman life philosophy) and his connection to the Royal family. That knowledge could be the basis for their fear of it: If the Royal family found out about Jaiying’s plans, they would NOT approve. In this sense, Eldrac is more dangerous than any Kree weapons. Jaiying doesn’t want Black Bolt to show up any time soon.


Further proof includes the five holes on the face of the artifact:

It’s kind of dark, but with some enhancement, a face somewhat appears:


That looks like a face.

There is even MORE hints that this may be the case. In a recent interview, Elizabeth Henstridge dropped the following nugget:

I think I’m somewhere. I think it transports me somewhere. We’ve had so many theories on set. ‘Maybe she can go back in time and kill Ward,’ or ‘Maybe she goes back in time and for whatever reason Fitz doesn’t know who she is and no one knows who she is,’ or ‘Maybe she goes invisible and no one can see her,’ or ‘What if she’s just trapped inside the rock?’ That would be terrible. There have been so many theories, but I think it’s a transportation device.


Where did she go? Maybe, Eldrac knew that Simmons was needed somewhere; for the benefit of someone else or her. Maybe Eldrac knew of her distrust of Inhumans, and was taken somewhere so she can learn more and better understand them.

Bonus Third Theory: Simmons is stuck inside that rock

Maybe we’re all reading too much into this, and she really is stuck inside that rock. I highly doubt that, though, because we already have one character stuck inside something on this series. I hope the show deals with him before they go around shoving people in things.